Saturday, June 21, 2008

4 words:

I found the dress.

I'm alive!!!

Hello family, friends and well-wishers!! Just wanted to let you know... I'M ALIVE!! After a month and a half of taking my physics class I am finally (almost) finished. So I will have a lot more time to blog now. Tomorrow morning my family and I are leaving for the Outer Banks. So I may update on that during the week including more pictures!! My life was dull this last month so I didn't really have much to write about. When I said I went to work, went to school, came home and slept and woke up and did it again---I was serious. But now that that is over (YAY) I can focus on actually enjoying life again and planning out my weddin'.
Hope you're all having a great start to your weekend!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The 1st Big Wedding Post

Ok Ok I get the message...I'm really bad at posting. I mean I've gotten into a one-post-a-week rut. However in my defense, I'm holding down a job plus night school three times a week. The other days I just want to sleep, so usually I just post on the days I have off from work. It's a lot harder than I thought because I'm not the best at managing my time, but I'm beginning to learn how to do so. Wedding planning has unfortunately slowed to accommodate my studies, but we can't hold it off too long because Ben will be in Jordan visiting his older brother for the second half of the summer. This past weekend Ben and I began looking at places we may want to register at. We may just get register-crazy because I bet picking things out that you want for your new house could have a snowball effect. So look forward to that.

But while the planning has slowed, the ideas have not (-sigh- the internet is such a wonderful invention). If you google the words "wedding pictures" you get 38,100,000 hits; meaning the ideas for our 2009 fiesta are endless, so be ready to party! I'll show you some of my favorites:

Here is a beautiful reception! I doubt we'll have one like this in an old house as there aren't many up here in Northern Virginia...

This reception seems a little more catered to our situation. Basically our surrounding area consists of: hotels. The bows on the backs of the chair seem a little much, but not something I couldn't get used to. Seems to be a big trend now.

These flowers are so pretty and I love the photography--also a big thing we are searching for right now.

I. Wish.

Beautiful cake!!

Cute picture :-)

That's all for now, just a few ideas I've been thinking about. Weddings are so much fun aren't they?