Sunday, September 27, 2009

Meet Georgia

Last weekend, Ben and I planned a big, last-minute trip to Atlanta, GA to pick up our puppy! For the last couple of months we have been stocking up our house on puppy things--we knew we were getting her, we just weren't sure which weekend. (She's a "Vizsla", by the way....look it up! :)

So we got in our car (in Virginia), and drove SOUTH.

A few hours later we stopped for lunch--and we happened to stop in Salisbury, NC!! (Sorry, Chip & Trish, I would've called if I had known it was on the way!)

We had good 'ole Chick-fil-A --- yumm.

Then, since we were in the area, we decided to take a quick drive-through tour of Catawba College, where my cousin Chip is the head football coach! Catawba is such a beautiful campus.

We made sure to visit the football stadium (where Chip & his team win lots of games--congrats on the successful season so far, Chip!)

After the quick campus tour we had to quickly get back on the road. After a while, we found the famed Gaffney, SC peach (so, of course, we took a few pictures for my mom).

We kept on truckin' and finally arrived in Atlanta about 9 hours after we started driving. We stayed at my cousin Skip & Suzanne's house (who had graciously offered us a place to stay about 3 days earlier when we found out about the trip). We had a great time with them; unfortunately no pictures to show for it. Ben & I agreed--their house was lovely!!

We watched the Virginia Tech game against Nebraska (that was a close one!) at their house and then went out to a pizza place Saturday night to eat dinner & watch the Georgia football game.

Late Saturday night we called the breeder and found out we had to pick up our puppy that night instead of the next morning like we had planned (due to a few scheduling conflicts). So we left around 10pm to go meet our puppy. Later we got back to Skip & Suzanne's with our new baby. We named her Georgia because that's where she's from (and we like the name..) Long story short, after a wonderful pancake breakfast with the family the next morning, Ben & I got back on the road for an even longer journey than the one we had taken the previous day (because now we would have to stop every few hours for the puppy).

Here is a movie of Ben & Georgia playing at a rest stop on the way home.

Finally, we returned home after a long, 11-hour drive. We have a new, playful puppy & have been very tired this last week (she's not a good sleeper, like most babies). But our Georgia peach sure is sweet!

Here is our latest family photo. :)

Friday, September 4, 2009

Weekend Update

Boy is it hard to get back in the swing of blogging once I've been off it so long! Just wanted to let everyone know (mainly our moms) that Ben & I are headed to Blacksburg for the weekend!! We're planning to watch the BIG GAME with our fellow Hokies! (If you don't know what game I'm talking about, crawl out from under your rock ;-) I hope everyone's planning on watching ABC tomorrow (Saturday) at 8pm ET for the Hokies vs. Bama

I love Bama, but.....

Hopefully I'll have some pictures for y'all when I get back!