Monday, November 17, 2008

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Click on this.  It's from my sister's blog--an organization she's trying to help out.

My trip to JMU

I had such a great time this weekend. It was hard for me to get back to Blacksburg and get back into studying mode (there are only 17 days of classes left in this semester!!!!) I can't believe it's going by so fast. On Saturday I played racquetball for the first time with Talita and Courtney and I was so sore the next day! But anyway I had a great time seeing everyone, I just hope they return the visit next semester!! Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Talita, Courtney, and me---proof that we actually like each other!

We went to a girl's basketball game on Saturday afternoon and had a little photoshoot while waiting for the girl to come out of the locker room after the game. Here's Shannon, Talita and me showing our best faces.

By far my favorite picture of the weekend. I laughed so hard when I saw it. Courtney, our photographer, said "there's a flood--what do you do?"

Me showing them which school is better (VT > JMU) I may get some angry responses from this one haha including my SiL Julie.

Me and my best friend Courtney. We have been friends for so long--I'm so glad we've kept the visits up while in college.

Suzy, Talita, Courtney and me in one last photo before I left for Blacksburg.

Thanks for hosting me for the weekend, ladies!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


So ever since I posted about wedding shoes a couple of days ago I received many great and helpful recommendations. While continuing my search, hitting link after link, I found a BUNCH of white flats hidden on the Internet. I'm so excited! I'll share with you a couple of my choices:

The bow is just precious. $90.00

Getting a little pricey, but still just adorable. Gosh I'm gonna have more to decide than I thought!!

Slingbacks. Love it.

Here's a website with lots of options!

OOOOOkay----I think I have died and gone to wedding shoe heaven. I know I know, no heels, but I had to put this one in b/c if I WERE wearing heels THESE WOULD BE IT. They are blue (and I still need something blue) and I love them with all of my little heart. Almost as much as I love my future hubby. Almost. But anyway the website I got these from is just as amazing, so I think I'm gonna keep the link on here so I can come back to my search.

That was really fun. I'm really excited--I would love some input and I'll definitely let y'all know what I decide on if I buy it offline.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

VT football and JMU

Football game tomorrow night at Miami!!! I only wish it were a home football game. VT has a horrible home football schedule this year. We went a full month without a home game. What a terrible thing for my senior year... boo :( But here's a pic of me and my friend Cara at last Thursday's victory vs. Maryland. She is such a great friend. And there's no way I would've lasted this long in Chem without her!!

So THIS WEEKEND I'm going to JMU to visit my bfffffffff Courtney!!! I'm so excited. And I'm sure there will be pictures from all that mess so be sure to check back sometime next week. I have 2 major tests tomorrow (don't you just love it when classes coincide--i swear the teachers do this to kill me) so I won't be doing much else today but studying. So in order to not completely lose my mind I promised myself this little time to blog.

I'll leave you with a funny moment from one of my favorite shows, The Office. Here it is.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A short note--

Today is:

But I just want to comment, as an English major, that "Veterans" should have an apostrophe.  Thank you that will be all.

Monday, November 10, 2008

A Request

I've decided for numerous reasons that I'm going to wear flats for my wedding. I've been looking in stores and online for the past 8 months for simple, white ballet flats--but I can't seem to find any! Surely shoe designers recognize the enormity of the wedding market they are giving up. The only shoe I could find was this one, but while it seems to match my query I can't help but notice that it looks so stiff that it would just fall right off my foot (which could make the walk down the aisle a whole different ball game). Do you know what I mean? And I almost fell in love with this J. Crew shoe with the exception of its ivory color and its price tag!!! I mean seriously, $160 for a ballet flat??? Come on, J. Crew. So does anyone know of any simple, white ballet flats that don't have the absurd price tag? I would be extremely grateful if you'd let me know if you stumble across any.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Just Because

I felt like taking a few shots on my own, just because. Maybe it was inspired by all those pretty wedding photos I saw on the web today.

Just a few Ideas

I used to love to play school when I was a kid, so my parents bought me a chalkboard once, and I can't tell you how many times I would do my homework on it and pretend I was a teacher. (It may have contributed to my ambition to be an elementary school teacher!!) So when I saw this picture I immediately thought of that chalkboard and how appropriate it would be for me to use it in just this way at the Reception.
Paloma Images

This is a very cute way to display guest's seating arrangements. I'm going to have an indoor reception, however, so I don't think the "tree" option is going to work--but I still thought it was cute and creative.
Paloma Images

I love the use of the antique vases in this photo--definitely something I'll have to think about for the table centerpieces.
Paloma Images

Very cute idea for the table naming--old pictures of the Bride and Groom, and the name of the table is the year the pictures were taken.
Zempel Photography

Classic exit shot. I just love it.
Paloma Images

Definitely a bridal portrait I would consider
Paloma Images

Wanna know what I was doing on Thursday?

THIS is where I was.

Ahem. Go Hokies.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm Seeing White

(**Please excuse the fuzzy resolution of the photo--I took it with my phone**)
After flipping through one of the mountains of bridal magazines I have acquired over the last year, I came upon this advertisement. It's kind of exciting seeing the groom in a white Navy uniform like Ben will be wearing. And I was hesitant at first to not be the only one in white--but when I look at this picture they just look so good together, am I right?

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Guess Who?!

Can you guess what famous couple we dressed as this Halloween??