Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sunday, September 28, 2008

All about the Bridesmaids...

So today I spent a little bit of time searching for bridesmaids dresses on the Knot. I found a couple of options that I really like. And I also (sort of) decided on a color! So here is a selection from my first round of BM dress searching:

Ideally, this would be the dress. It's from Ann Taylor and unfortunately it's a little expensive so I'll try to find a cheaper substitute so my 'maids don't hate me :)
Ann Taylor

But in the meantime, here are some other choices of styles I really like too. (Of course these would all be the same color as the first one).



Jenny Yoo Collection

J. Crew Weddings

Impression Bridesmaids

This is a centerpiece from one of my friend's weddings. Isn't it so beautiful? I thought it was a good idea.

So that's about it for now. BM's and other guests feel free to leave comments on which one you like best!! I'll keep the search up.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Look what Katherine made!!!!

click the picture to enlarge.

she's so talented!!

I had a Bad Dream

Ok so last night I dreamed that it was the night before the wedding and somehow I didn't realize the wedding was the next day until I later figured it out. Then I realized I still hadn't found a florist and ordered my flowers, so I had to buy all of my flowers and my bridesmaid's flowers at the local Giant. So I was running around my house in my wedding dress the night before the wedding worrying about where I was going to get flowers for the wedding. Then my dream just took off (as dreams usually do) and somehow I ended up driving to London...from my house.

This definitely classifies as a strange dream (I mean I'm pretty confident I'll remember the night before the wedding that I will be getting married tomorrow). But in regards to a florist--it pretty much felt like a nightmare. What girl doesn't dream of finding her wedding bouquet at the local grocery store? Maybe my subconscious is starting to worry since I still haven't found real time to look for and find a florist.... Chill out Caroline, it was just a bad dream.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A page from my assignment book....

yes... under Chem that is an "OMG study"

A little bit of complaining today

So here are my two complaints for the day:

1) Big Chemistry test next week. That means my weekend plans are officially ruined.

2) No toilet paper in my house. 3 floors of toilets + 4 girls = not a good idea.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is me

This is just another ploy to avoid studying, and I fully acknowledge that. But it's fun. You'll learn a lot about me. I got this (and modified it) from another blogger:

-I am taller than 5'4"
-I do not tan easily.
-I have never dyed my hair
-I am self-conscious about my appearance
-I've had braces
-I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger
-I have freckles
-One of my ears sticks out farther than the other
-My age has been questioned

-I've slipped out a "LOL" in a spoken conversation
-some Disney movies can still make me cry
-I've snorted while laughing
-I often laugh so hard I cry
-most times my laughs make no noise
-I've woken up crying from a bad dream
-I've done the awkward "head bobbing until I wake up" thing

-I've broken a bone
-I've had serious surgery
-I was an anomaly as a child in the hospital
-I've had chicken pox
-I've never been on crutches
-I've used many slings in my lifetime (both homemade and hospital-brand)
-I've never had stitches
-I've never been stung by a bee (or wasp, or jellyfish)

-I've driven over 200 miles in one day.
-I've been on a plane.
-I've been on a train.
-I've been on a ferry.
-I've been on a greyhound bus.

-I've seen a shooting star.
-I've seen a meteor shower.
-I've been in a play
-I've driven through a red light
-I've witnessed a crime
-I've been on nationally-broadcast TV more than once

-I've never gone on a blind date
-I've been the dumper more than the dumpee
-I have a fear of abandonment
-I've had feelings for someone who didn't have them back

-I am NOT a morning person
-I do not open up to others easily
-I'm a snob about grammar
-I love roller-coasters.
-I don't know how to shoot a gun
-I laugh at my own jokes
-I eat fast food weekly
-I have an obsession (and lifelong relationship) with shoes
-I am really ticklish
-I. love. chocolate.
-I do not have the best memory.
-I go through phases (sometimes I'm clean and neat, sometimes I'm not; sometimes I bite my nails, sometimes I grow them out)

You want the 411?

So this morning before class.......I watched two episodes of the Hills. Pathetic. I know. But I just love that show. If I could just have what's in those girls' closets for just a week it would be sooo fabulous. There was a particular outfit of Lauren's that I absolutely loved but I can't seem to find a good picture of it so you'll just have to trust me:

But she paired this cute top with some dark blue skinny jeans and black chunky heels. I just loved it. People can keep making fun of her for being a "celebrity" but I think she seems like one of the nicest people. So take THAT, Joel McHale from TalkSoup (even though I still love the show!)

In other news, I got sneezed on today in class. Twice. Ew. Most of the time I couldn't even focus on the teacher because I kept looking out of my peripheral vision to see if the kid would scrunch up again like you do before you sneeze but his were just like little surprises landing in my general area. Glad I wore long sleeves.

I'm looking at florists today for the big fiasco exactly 8 months from today! Isn't everyone just so excited? Things are getting done gradually for the wedding which is a good pace for me right now because I have 3 exams next week!! But aside from that...I've already decided what I want

These blue hydrangeas would be for "mah girls"

And these lovelies would be for me (No, Ben, this is not my dress ;-)

Haven't picked out the bridesmaid dresses yet, but I'll get around to that on my visit home this fall with Katherine.

Monday, September 22, 2008

A quick thought before bedtime

So basically I have noticed that most of my blogs recently have pictures of computers in them. Understand, dear reader, that this. is. my life. Welcome to college 2008. However I don't want you to think that I don't have a life aside from studying. (Perhaps I'm subconsciously taking the time to convince myself of this.) So here's a picture of me and the husband-to-be. Isn't he a cutie?

On Wednesday we're going to have dinner at the Captain's house with two other couples. This will be a regular dining experience, I imagine, for the rest of my life. I went with Ben once before--last year--and found the experience quite enjoyable, once I became comfortable with my surroundings. We will arrive at the house, help set the table with the food the Captain's wife will prepare for us, then we will all sit down to eat and talk, all of this lasting a couple of hours. It is customary at military dinners to not sit next to your partner (in order to encourage you to talk with others). But this is the only custom I never look forward to with these dinners. There are so many things I'm still learning about the military lifestyle.

Your Attention Please

True, it may not be the best option for desk space...but considering that this cost me zero dollars it's a pretty good thing. At least this can last me until May. Now I should probably get to cleaning my desk.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Life without a Computer

So...the worst has happened. My computer has failed on me. (Click picture to enlarge) I am now forced to use half of the screen. I got out of the shower yesterday morning and came back to see my computer with a blacked-out half screen...and the best part is I took it to the computer store to get it fixed and they said it would be dun dun dunnnn $800!!!! NOOO. I think I almost fainted when he told me that. So I should hopefully get it to work as long as I plug it in to a secondary monitor (since it's just the screen with the problem). I'm still kind of scared to turn it on just in case any other problems arrise, so for now it remains cold and shutoff on my desk most of the time. But no worries fellow blog readers--I am not entirely computerless...just inconvenienced. For a while now I will have to ride my little bike over to the Math Emporium so I can use their computers for everything. So don't be surprised if I don't respond to emails as quickly because I'll really only be able to check them once or twice a day as opposed to 24/7 as before. Maybe this will teach me a good lesson on how lucky I was to have a computer in my room. But I'll just look at it as God giving me a legit reason to give me a workout for my wedding (haha).

Monday, September 8, 2008

Hokie Football & a Commentary on Sean Glennon

Alright y'all. It is officially football season--and it's what we Hokies do best. Unfortunately, our program may be a little weak this year due to the overwhelming number of newbies on the team. On August 30, we lost to ECU. ECU. We held them the entire game until the last few minutes when an interception was thrown along with a blocked kick picked up by the pirates for a few last minute points. It served as a strange reminder of the VT vs. BC game--what most Hokies would say was the worst game ever witnessed in college football (well, if you were a VT fan). It was a disheartening game at best for our season opener.

Then last weekend we played Furman and struggled to pull a win out. Does anyone even know where Furman college is? Because I didn't find out until yesterday. And the fact that we were struggling against them was not a good sign for this weekend's upcoming game against Georgia Tech. Yeah, we're not expecting to win.

The Hokies playing against Furman.

But let me take the liberty to comment on one of the most controversial issues in Hokie football: our quarterback, Sean Glennon. Why do fellow hokies "boo" him when he comes on the field? Why should Virginia Tech, a school which was set apart by a tragedy with our logo "Hokies United", not accept him and honor him as a student athlete, fellow Hokie, and our starting QB? Well I'll tell you and listen up because I'm sick of reading articles like this. Hokie fans are not as bad and as hypocritical as this article makes them out to be. Let's take a little taste of this "Hater-ade":

Sean Glennon is perhaps one of the cockiest people ever. Common sense would tell someone when it is appropriate to make comments based on their own skill. After reading a relentless amount of quotations from him about "how good of a player he is" I am fed up with it, when his skills on the field tell otherwise.

In one such quote he says, "I think I'm capable of performing at the level where they're going to have confidence in me. I want to prove to them that there's no doubt. I'm real confident that I can come out of spring as the starting quarterback."

Why would he be confident when statistics tell us otherwise? More importantly, why would Beamer (love you!) and Stinespring (notsomuch) keep playing him? The difference of fan appreciation (for lack of a better term) between Glennon and Tyrod Taylor (our formerly red-shirted sophomore QB) is astounding. Taylor has the ability to rush for yards while Glennon usually scrambles around for about 30 seconds (yes 30 seconds!) until he finds someone to pass to--and then throws an interception.

Virginia Tech's two QB's Tyrod Taylor (left), and Sean Glennon (right).
The stats say all you need to know: In 2006 Glennon threw 11 interceptions. ELEVEN. 2007 he threw 5, and this year, 2008, he's already thrown 3! In just 2 games! He had -1 rushing yards against Furman and a passing completion percentage of 37.5%.

Taylor's stats, on the other hand, proclaim that in 2007 he threw 3 interceptions, and this year he's thrown 0 (he's only played in the Furman game this season). He had 112 rushing yards against Furman (compared to Glennon's -1) and a passing completion percentage of 80%.

Last year when Glennon was demoted and true freshman Taylor became our starting QB, Glennon said that he was "too good to be standing on the sidelines". REALLY? He was publicly thinking of transferring to another school. I wish he had. "I hope the coaches realize that I need to be on the field this year. But if they don't, and at the beginning of next season I know that...I think a lot of programs would be willing to take me...I feel like I'm good enough to play on any team in this country."

"A lot of people disagree, I know, but I think I'm pretty good...I really think under ideal circumstances, my arm can match up with any defense in the country."
Remember last season, Glennon, when you lost to LSU's defense 48-7? Yeah, you shouldn't make comments like that.

And you know, fans wouldn't hate him at all if he just sucked and didn't say anything about it. We wouldn't want him to play, but we definitely wouldn't boo him. But the fact that he's cocky and constantly makes comments like the ones above makes the rest of us realize he doesn't need to be representing Virginia Tech because he's a bad player and apparently has an attitude we wish not to associate with our school.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ode to Yearbook Pictures

Ever wonder what you'd look like "back then"? Well click here for the answer This is absolutely hilarious. Is it almost 1am in Blacksburg when I should be sleeping for my early morning class? YES. Is this distraction worth it? Undoubtedly. If you don't laugh at the next few pictures I just don't know if I can help you. Shout-out to Liz and Katelynn who helped me discover my potential for being a '50s bombshell.

Caroline, 1954
...1968 (umm this looks like my mom.)
...1978 (I worked hard on that 'fro)
...1984 (here come the curls)
...1990 (gym teacher, anyone?)
...1994 (HOW many of my cousins had this hairstyle?? Don't be shy)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Macintosh > PC

I am at the Math Emporium studying (with Ben). I know. It's the 2nd week. Let's just say I'm on a roll to pulling my GPA up this year. You may remember this blog about the last time I was at the Empo during finals last year. But this time they have NEW COMPUTERS. Check out the sweet huge screen and the amazing dust-free keyboard. VT loves technology.... and I love macs. Seriously if you think they suck you've probably never been on one for longer than a second. I hope to afford one of these babies once I graduate.