Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ode to Yearbook Pictures

Ever wonder what you'd look like "back then"? Well click here for the answer This is absolutely hilarious. Is it almost 1am in Blacksburg when I should be sleeping for my early morning class? YES. Is this distraction worth it? Undoubtedly. If you don't laugh at the next few pictures I just don't know if I can help you. Shout-out to Liz and Katelynn who helped me discover my potential for being a '50s bombshell.

Caroline, 1954
...1968 (umm this looks like my mom.)
...1978 (I worked hard on that 'fro)
...1984 (here come the curls)
...1990 (gym teacher, anyone?)
...1994 (HOW many of my cousins had this hairstyle?? Don't be shy)


Katherine Klegin said...

I like your nails in 1994. hot.

Holly said...

ahahahahaha that is so great! I have a quiz at 2, but I'm pretty sure not much studying will be done now... Do they have men hairstyles so we can see just how attractive Ben & Arthur would've been back then?

My results to follow...

Mom said...

OH my Gosh!!!!! CAroline - you look JUST like Nana in that 1954 photo - that is incredibly weird! And you are definitely rockin' my 1968 hairdo! I'll see if I can do it later but let's be honest - I lived through those years so all I have to do is get some original photos of myself!

Caroline said...

holly--it is definitely addictive and i will have to try it out on ben and arthur too haha! send me your results

mom--you should email me the pics of you and nana and i can put them up side by side