Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Life without a Computer

So...the worst has happened. My computer has failed on me. (Click picture to enlarge) I am now forced to use half of the screen. I got out of the shower yesterday morning and came back to see my computer with a blacked-out half screen...and the best part is I took it to the computer store to get it fixed and they said it would be dun dun dunnnn $800!!!! NOOO. I think I almost fainted when he told me that. So I should hopefully get it to work as long as I plug it in to a secondary monitor (since it's just the screen with the problem). I'm still kind of scared to turn it on just in case any other problems arrise, so for now it remains cold and shutoff on my desk most of the time. But no worries fellow blog readers--I am not entirely computerless...just inconvenienced. For a while now I will have to ride my little bike over to the Math Emporium so I can use their computers for everything. So don't be surprised if I don't respond to emails as quickly because I'll really only be able to check them once or twice a day as opposed to 24/7 as before. Maybe this will teach me a good lesson on how lucky I was to have a computer in my room. But I'll just look at it as God giving me a legit reason to give me a workout for my wedding (haha).


Holly said...

Sorry I couldn't help you out with the adapter, they don't come with the laptops anymore... Leave it to Carolinebond to have such a positive outlook on the situation, hahaha

Mom said...

One adapter, coming right up!
Mama and Daddy