Tuesday, September 23, 2008

You want the 411?

So this morning before class.......I watched two episodes of the Hills. Pathetic. I know. But I just love that show. If I could just have what's in those girls' closets for just a week it would be sooo fabulous. There was a particular outfit of Lauren's that I absolutely loved but I can't seem to find a good picture of it so you'll just have to trust me:

But she paired this cute top with some dark blue skinny jeans and black chunky heels. I just loved it. People can keep making fun of her for being a "celebrity" but I think she seems like one of the nicest people. So take THAT, Joel McHale from TalkSoup (even though I still love the show!)

In other news, I got sneezed on today in class. Twice. Ew. Most of the time I couldn't even focus on the teacher because I kept looking out of my peripheral vision to see if the kid would scrunch up again like you do before you sneeze but his were just like little surprises landing in my general area. Glad I wore long sleeves.

I'm looking at florists today for the big fiasco exactly 8 months from today! Isn't everyone just so excited? Things are getting done gradually for the wedding which is a good pace for me right now because I have 3 exams next week!! But aside from that...I've already decided what I want

These blue hydrangeas would be for "mah girls"

And these lovelies would be for me (No, Ben, this is not my dress ;-)

Haven't picked out the bridesmaid dresses yet, but I'll get around to that on my visit home this fall with Katherine.

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Katherine Klegin said...

I am so excited about this wedding stuff!!! Keep it up!!! I LOVE the hydrangeas. You're going to have SUCH a southern wedding :-)

my goal... lose a couple of pounds before we go dress shopping.

ps. i was just thinking...if we baby mom's hydrangeas enough, maybe we'll have some extra ones for church decorations. i don't mind putting those together. I'm sure some of the girls wouldn't mind helping either.

pps. i quit watching the hills. I couldn't take being jealous of a kid who is worth more than i'll ever be.