Saturday, September 27, 2008

I had a Bad Dream

Ok so last night I dreamed that it was the night before the wedding and somehow I didn't realize the wedding was the next day until I later figured it out. Then I realized I still hadn't found a florist and ordered my flowers, so I had to buy all of my flowers and my bridesmaid's flowers at the local Giant. So I was running around my house in my wedding dress the night before the wedding worrying about where I was going to get flowers for the wedding. Then my dream just took off (as dreams usually do) and somehow I ended up driving to London...from my house.

This definitely classifies as a strange dream (I mean I'm pretty confident I'll remember the night before the wedding that I will be getting married tomorrow). But in regards to a florist--it pretty much felt like a nightmare. What girl doesn't dream of finding her wedding bouquet at the local grocery store? Maybe my subconscious is starting to worry since I still haven't found real time to look for and find a florist.... Chill out Caroline, it was just a bad dream.

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