Thursday, September 25, 2008

A little bit of complaining today

So here are my two complaints for the day:

1) Big Chemistry test next week. That means my weekend plans are officially ruined.

2) No toilet paper in my house. 3 floors of toilets + 4 girls = not a good idea.


Katherine Klegin said...

You'll be fine ceec. just study hard and try not to poop.

Mom said...

Daddy makes fun of me for always having at least two big Costco packages of toilet paper on hand but that is one thing I NEVER want to run out of!!! Poor BooBoo. Wish I could help.

Katherine Klegin said...

wait wait i bet you have to poop at ben's house now don't you? ahhh hahahahaha. i was embarrassed to poop anywhere near shon until we'd been married for over a year. even still i make sure the TV or radio or something is on because i don't want him to hear me plop. (TMI. but you know i don't care.)

Holly said...

ahahahahaha I love how Katherine says outloud what we all are thinking :)