Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This is me

This is just another ploy to avoid studying, and I fully acknowledge that. But it's fun. You'll learn a lot about me. I got this (and modified it) from another blogger:

-I am taller than 5'4"
-I do not tan easily.
-I have never dyed my hair
-I am self-conscious about my appearance
-I've had braces
-I've been told I'm attractive by a complete stranger
-I have freckles
-One of my ears sticks out farther than the other
-My age has been questioned

-I've slipped out a "LOL" in a spoken conversation
-some Disney movies can still make me cry
-I've snorted while laughing
-I often laugh so hard I cry
-most times my laughs make no noise
-I've woken up crying from a bad dream
-I've done the awkward "head bobbing until I wake up" thing

-I've broken a bone
-I've had serious surgery
-I was an anomaly as a child in the hospital
-I've had chicken pox
-I've never been on crutches
-I've used many slings in my lifetime (both homemade and hospital-brand)
-I've never had stitches
-I've never been stung by a bee (or wasp, or jellyfish)

-I've driven over 200 miles in one day.
-I've been on a plane.
-I've been on a train.
-I've been on a ferry.
-I've been on a greyhound bus.

-I've seen a shooting star.
-I've seen a meteor shower.
-I've been in a play
-I've driven through a red light
-I've witnessed a crime
-I've been on nationally-broadcast TV more than once

-I've never gone on a blind date
-I've been the dumper more than the dumpee
-I have a fear of abandonment
-I've had feelings for someone who didn't have them back

-I am NOT a morning person
-I do not open up to others easily
-I'm a snob about grammar
-I love roller-coasters.
-I don't know how to shoot a gun
-I laugh at my own jokes
-I eat fast food weekly
-I have an obsession (and lifelong relationship) with shoes
-I am really ticklish
-I. love. chocolate.
-I do not have the best memory.
-I go through phases (sometimes I'm clean and neat, sometimes I'm not; sometimes I bite my nails, sometimes I grow them out)


Katherine Klegin said...

ok, i LOVE this post, but i don't think i could think of enough things about myself. I'm WAY more boring than you.

ps. i'm also a snob about grammar. their is different than they're which is different than there. learn it.

Mom said...

Where do you come up with this stuff. You're always on the cutting edge!I love reading about you.