Saturday, April 26, 2008

Oh Life

This morning I woke up early (I's a Saturday!) and went to Ben's "Change of Command Ceremony" for the Corps. (I'll add pictures later) It was a gorgeous morning, in the 70's again and quite sunny. The shirt I'm wearing has capped sleeves so I have quite an interesting sunburn-line now. Fabulous. The cadets had to wear these wool uniforms--looked very nice but I'm sure they were all on the brink of death standing in the sun. Many cadets this morning fainted. I was standing with my friend Allie and we were just watching them drop like flies. In all though, it was a nice ceremony, the cadets performed very well.

Now I'm studying in the Emporium (well actually I was studying, but I'm taking a break--a.k.a. I'm stalling). The Emporium is a wonderful little building off campus where students go for online math classes and to generally study. (Yes, here at Virginia Tech we find it better that the students teach themselves calculus and above--we don't want to actually hold classes and teach these college students when they can just read pages and pages and still fail a class--it makes it so much more interesting that way.) The Emporium is especially popular during exam week. It's a huge room filled with about, oh, 1,000 computers (6 to each round table). The lighting is amazingly awful. They have these fluorescent lights that appear so blue that when you look up at them your eyes seem to go blind for a few seconds. Not to mention that staring at a computer only makes your eyes want to fall out of your head. But nevertheless it's a good building to study in because you just can't fall asleep when you're constantly blinding yourself by looking up at the lights to keep yourself awake. Also, did I mention that the lights have a small little buzzing sound you can ever so faintly hear, but once you recognize it, it makes you want to go crazy because that's all you can listen to anymore. Ah the joys of fluorescent lighting.

Well, I suppose I'd better get back to learning about databases for my exam---something I'm sure to use as a kindergarten teacher. I really enjoy taking classes that I'm never ever ever going to use. (For example: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geology, Computer Systems, and Calculus. Thanks for not having an elementary education program, VT.)

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Anonymous said...

Wish I could've gone!!! I didn't get your text until later this afternoon and we had a race in Charleston (don't get excited, it was West VA, not SC....) But we did really well, got lots of hardware to show for it! Cant wait to see pictures from yesterday! <3 Holly