Wednesday, April 23, 2008

So I guess I can't sleep...

Any of y'all that know me know that I'm an easy target for stress to come creeping up on. Actually, stress builds up on me over time (from the point that I don't even recognize I have anything to stress about) and then occasionally (but not too frequently) it seems to "settle" on one moment and I sort of freak out. This can mean crying or just mild anxiety attacks but tonight I just can't get to sleep, so it's not a very big case. (Reader's Hint: Since this may be the first time you've ever entered my thoughts, I thought it best to let you know that I'm dealing with this quite sarcastically.) Many women deal with the same thing, so it's nothing to worry about.

I guess I've had a lot on my mind lately: Exams are next week!! And I've still got to finalize plans on summer school and my summer job. Oh, and plan my wedding. But at least that will be fun (most of the time). So don't be surprised if I more than occasionally post about wedding details.

This is so not fun not being able to sleep. My eyes are not even tired. But I'll tell you what tomorrow morning I am going to need some stronggg coffee to keep these peepers open in my 9am class. (I can already hear the "wahs" coming from the audience that has to be at work long before then.) Well, I figure if I stay at this bright computer screen much longer I may not ever be able to sleep. So maybe I'll go crawl in bed and try out this sleeping thing one more time. And if that doesn't work I'll have to result to Nyquil (woohoo!)


Katherine Klegin said...

this is so freaking exciting! i cannot wait to stalk your blog all the time!!!! your writing style is QUITE creative!

ps...what happened to the subhead?!?!

Anonymous said...

YES! Finally something new to occupy my time!! Looking forward to reading your blog:-) I'm sure one of these days I'll jump on the bandwagon, gotta get myself through exams first though... ha.

Mom said...

OK I have a, a demand. Please change your background to white and your font to black or another dark color. In my years at the newspaper and writing for magazines, I learned that you only use white on black for sidebars and special highlighting, not for the entire piece. It is tooooooo hard on the eyes, especially for hundred year old eyes like mine. Otherwise, best wishes for a successful launch of your blog. At least I'll hear from you somehow.

Caroline said...