Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pictures from Yesterday

Well I finally finished editing the pictures from yesterday's change of command, and now I have time to put some of them up. I'm only putting a few up (apparently I was a little camera happy yesterday). So here they are:
The cadets showing off their skills:

Ben and his friends:

Couple of the year:

and a little question to frustrate most of you: Can you tell which one is Ben and which one is Arthur?


Anonymous said...

This isn't really fair but I can... I'll leave it open for the rest of the guessers.
Great pictures, again wish I could've gone with you!!
<3 Holly

Mom said...

Hmm I think my future son-in-law is on the right (to Arthur's left) Correct?

Katherine Klegin said...

Arthur Left, Ben right. I am SO good.

i really never thought i'd be able to tell them apart, but it's pretty easy, actually.