Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Day in the Life

So, according to my sources the countdown is as follows:

Exams- 8 days

OBX- 1 month, 4 weeks & 1 day (wouldn't that just be 2 months and 1 day???)

Weddingfest'09- 13 months!

Hmm that puts a lot in perspective. I'm sitting on the Bridge trying to figure out how and when my life got to be so hectic. Hopefully this blog addiction will help to relieve some of that stress I was feeling last night. (I finally went to sleep, by the way, and ended up sleeping through my alarm!!!) Actually to tell you the truth I felt like keeping this updated would be an interesting way for family and friends to keep up with my life. Because, in the end, it's all about Caroline. :) I'm not really big on talking on the phone, so I decided perhaps this was better. And next year my life will be so much more interesting once Ben & I start moving around from port to port. But for now, since people are asking me all the time what I'm doing with my life (since they never hear from me) here's your chance.

A Day in the Life of Caroline!
-This morning I slept in quite a bit (I suppose I needed the sleep) and woke up to my usual bright yellow room. The walls in my room are painted bright yellow and my window faces towards the morning sun, so sleeping in too late really is not an option (I did this on purpose because I am famous for being one of the laziest people ever).
-Realizing how much later I got up than when I was supposed to, I scrambled to get ready to catch the bus to head over to campus.
-Met Ben in his room. His day was fabulous with a broken printer and always having "so many things to do" (a common phrase he and his brother share). He really did have a lot to do, I'm just teasing him because I hear that phrase so often.
-Then Ben and I went to lunch at Schultz--got a cheeseburger--tastes like the ones they had in high school...yum. But Virginia Tech has the #1 Dining Facilities in the country this year, so I can't complain too much.
-I'm on the Bridge now, updating before my class starts in a few minutes, so that's pretty much my day so far. Not a bad one, just slow-starting. Hopefully it will pick up soon. I really don't have much else to do except start studying for exams (which I already have). Well, I'm off to class on the other side of campus. If I walk for the rest of my life as much as I do while in college, I think I'll be set to eat whatever I want forever.


Mom said...

My tired old eyes thank you. Will you be sending email reminders when you update?

Katherine Klegin said...

now this is so exciting! i love your writing style. keep it up!