Friday, April 25, 2008


So I spent today going to my last Friday classes of the year. It will be nice to be back home this summer, but I know I'll still miss Blacksburg, even with its crazy weather changes. Today was really nice though...too bad I left my shorts back at home. Blacksburg is notorious for having beautiful, 70 degree weather one day (like today) and the very next day it's 40 degrees and snowing. Doesn't really help my "extreme weather-change" related headaches, but I just love VT.

I'm watching ABC family's wedding weekend right now (I guess they read my blog yesterday :) Father of the Bride is on, and it's amazing how relatable it is to my parents. I just know that will be us this summer when I get back home and the wedding planning really starts up. I'm really looking forward to going dress-shopping with Katherine and Mom as soon as I get home--I think that's what I'm most excited about. Of course I expect not to find the dress for quite a while, but that makes it more fun ;)

I missed my two favorite TV shows this week: The Hills (don't judge me) and The Office (because if you don't laugh at The Office, you're just abnormally boring). It really has been quite a week if I miss even one of those shows. Whatever. I'm just glad it's the weekend! (Aren't we all!?) I have a feeling I'll be posting later, so I don't think you'll mind if I leave you with just this.


Mom said...

What? you're not including "Days of Our Lives?" Don't even try to lie about it - you know you love Bo and Hope, Steve and Kayla, John and Marlena. And what about "Little People, Big World," and "Jon and Kate Plus Eight?" YOU KNOW you love those.

Caroline said...

Good point, mom. Actually, I only watch (and enjoy watching) Days of Our Lives when I'm with you...that also goes for Little People Big World, Boston Legal (I know I should watch it -sigh- but I just don't when I'm here) AND Friday Night Lights (same deal). I only watch Jon & Kate plus 8 when I'm with Katherine, so as for those shows...I love them but depends on who I'm watching TV with...

Anonymous said...

I think Father of the Bride is definitely one of my all time favorites- also quite relateable to my parents... And no worries about the shows, that's what the internet is for; I will be watching The Office tomorrow at some point I am sure. And pretty much any show TLC has to offer is great.