Wednesday, November 12, 2008

VT football and JMU

Football game tomorrow night at Miami!!! I only wish it were a home football game. VT has a horrible home football schedule this year. We went a full month without a home game. What a terrible thing for my senior year... boo :( But here's a pic of me and my friend Cara at last Thursday's victory vs. Maryland. She is such a great friend. And there's no way I would've lasted this long in Chem without her!!

So THIS WEEKEND I'm going to JMU to visit my bfffffffff Courtney!!! I'm so excited. And I'm sure there will be pictures from all that mess so be sure to check back sometime next week. I have 2 major tests tomorrow (don't you just love it when classes coincide--i swear the teachers do this to kill me) so I won't be doing much else today but studying. So in order to not completely lose my mind I promised myself this little time to blog.

I'll leave you with a funny moment from one of my favorite shows, The Office. Here it is.

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