Sunday, July 20, 2008

Here's what's going on in my life right now:

1. Ben is over in the Middle East for 3 very long weeks (specifically Jordan, Egypt, Syria, Damascus, some others)
2. I'm desperately trying to find a venue for my wedding before the Memorial Day weekend is all booked up!!
3. I'm still working. I still hate it.

So I have decided that I will not experience another relaxing summer until at least 2011. This summer has basically sucked (well, not sucked--but definitely not been relaxing) with Physics (ugh--but did I tell anyone I got a B+...with the sincere help of my brother, my fiance, and my bff), work, wedding, and other enjoyable things. So if you have not heard from me except through this blog, believe me that I apologize. Just know that you are not alone and that I still love you.

Anyway, so Ben left on Wednesday for his long flight over to Jordan (he's visiting his older brother Albert who he hasn't seen in a year!! Albert is in the Peace Corps over there)--and let me mention one thing: I HAVE NOT HEARD FROM HIM. No I am not worried, just annoyed. I hope he knows, though, that this experience of going just 5 days without hearing a word from him or his whereabouts only deepens my feelings against his being involved in any kind of navy job involving submarines. "Sorry Charlie, no subs for you!" I'm going a little bit crazy. Boy needs to learn how to type a quick email.

So anyway he won't be back until the 8th so that leaves me free to plan as much of our wedding as possible. Let us call these next 2 weeks: crunch time. And crunch time shall not be enjoyable. It is only after this time of crunching that I can take a chill pill.

I think it is obvious from my style of writing tonight that I'm feeling the pressure already. Perhaps that's because 2 of my venues have told me tonight that Memorial Day weekend is already booked for them. But mom and I are going to visit at least one place on Tuesday, so hopefully that will work out. Hope everyone's having a great week.

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Holly said...

Sorry for the stress, I bet an evening of shopping or a movie and a fabulous dinner could cure at least a small part of it.

Mrs. Bond said she hadn't heard from the boys (via email) either, but when she talked to them he did try and email but for some reason or another it didn't go through :-\ Call her and get Albert's cell# so you can call them, otherwise I can give you Arthur's.. and use a phone-card if you do call bc I think it's ridiculously expensive.

Hang in there, good luck with searching for a venue!!!!!!!!!