Saturday, June 6, 2009

Home Improvement

This weekend, Ben & I (with the help of the current tenants) are tearing up the carpet in his apartment and putting in new flooring.  We worked last night until 1am and got a little frustrated, but so far it looks amazing.  I touched up some of the paint on the walls and all of the baseboards.  I wish we had taken a before photo,  but we haven't done the hall yet so maybe I'll take that photo today and then I can show you how everything looks!  What a busy weekend!!


lola said...

Don't skip the honeymoon photos! I can't wait to see how gorgeous St. Barths is!

Have fun this weekend!

jlc said...

Can't wait to see how everything looks!!

Anonymous said...

I wish i'd known you were this handy around the house before you got married - i have a few home improvement projects i could have used your help on;-)

Nicole said...

Congrats on the wedding!!!! I can't wait to see pictures :) We just had our wedding 1 week ago from yesterday!! im soo anxious to see our pictures!! its soo hard to wait!

Katherine Klegin said...

pictures. pictures. pictures.