Friday, February 5, 2010


Finally....I have found a few minutes to post our pictures from Ireland! Mind you, this is the much-diluted version of our pictures. It was tough to pick and choose, but it had to be done (I think we took something like 400+ pictures in Ireland alone.) What a beautiful country. So far it is my favorite that I have visited. I hope we can go back soon and visit with Ben's grandparents again; they were wonderful.

Ben's grandparents' lovely home (and the house my MiL grew up in!)

The view down the street from their house. Now this is a view!

The Irish countryside

Various pictures around town in Letterkenny, Ireland

(Can you read Gaelic?)

The church where Ben's parents were married :) -in Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Beautiful architecture around Londonderry

Entering under the gates of the "walled city" -Londonderry


Can you see the ice on the ground? We had to hold on to each other to not slip!

Walking on the walls around the city

If Ben & I ever get to build our own home, I can assure you our front door will look like this:

A thatched-roof cottage in the middle of the city!!

I loved the colors and the architecture all throughout the city

The crest of Derry

St. Columb's Cathedral in Londonderry, Northern Ireland

Murals on the side of buildings in "Free Derry"--remembering The Troubles

A mini on Benone Strand (Ireland's longest beach)

You can see Mussenden Temple in the distance

I'm not a big fan of my profile, but I had to show off my husband's photography skills

Can you imagine having a waterfall behind your house? How cool

Mussenden Temple--the sky was just amazing this day

Downhill Estate

The entrance to the gardens of Downhill Estate

the ruins of Dunluce Castle

built in the Middle Ages right on a cliff--how did they do this!?

Us, a little squinty, in front of Dunluce Castle

In the 1600's the kitchen fell right off the back of the house into the ocean during a storm--supposedly took a couple of cooks with it!

Bushmills Whiskey Distillery--the oldest licensed distillery in the world

Giant's Causeway

A volcanic eruption (along with other natural events) formed these hexagonal basalt columns.

They were pretty fun to climb

Ben & me at the top

*sigh* I want to go back.


Crazy Shenanigans said...

It looks amazing there! Glad you had such a great time!

Hannah Noel said...

Those hexagon-columns are so strange-- it's nuts what nature can do, isn't it?

Your pictures are SOOO Fabulous! I can't wait to go to Ireland one day!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Swung by via Hannah's blog actually, so *waves*... :)

I'm FROM Ireland - and your photos are awesome! Did you get to see any on Co Down? TRUST me, it's the top county! ;-)

As for Dunluce, I was brought up on the story that the young girl of the castle had been having her 16th Birthday party during a storm, and the ballroom fell in, taking her "prince charming" with it - I was mildly distraught when I found out the ACTUAL story on a visit this year!!

Hannah, when you and Mr AF come to Ireland, we should meet up! :) x

Eve said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I love the pictures, and your blog!

tootie said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! Ireland is definitely on my list of places I want to visit.

tara said...

*sigh* i want to go!

great shots. i especially like the one of downhill estate in a sunny spotlight.

i'm not a fan of my profile either - but i think you both look great! and not just because of the mad photog skillz.

how cool that you have family history there.

Amanda said...

Hey girl. I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your blog and that you have an award waiting for you over at my blog! :D

Mary R. said...

Wow, these are great! We were stationed 4 years in England with the A.F. Retired now, but still travelling. I have several blogs.

Amber said...

I LOVED looking through all your pictures! I lived in Ireland while my dad was in the USMC. I want to go back so badly!!!!

It looks like you had an awesome time!

I'm now a follower!

From a fellow military wife....

Goodnight moon!

Mira said...

Hi! I am newat your blog.I love yourpictures.Irealand seems amazing!

Tay said...

I just recently found your blog from another military wife's... but oh my goodness these pictures are beautiful!! It makes me want to visit right this very moment, as if that could happen. Haha. I hope you have a great day =)

Kristie said...

Amazing pictures!


kanishk said...

Looks like an amazing trip! I love the pictures, and your blog!
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Sarah Ann said...

this is so gorgeous and I'm a little more than jealous :) plus, I'm just loving your blog!