Saturday, April 30, 2011

Did you get enough of the Royal Wedding? Because I didn't :-)

Yes, I woke up this morning at 3:55am so that I could see full coverage of, quite possibly, the most fantastic wedding of my lifetime (of course apart from my own to my wonderful husband! :)  I promptly went downstairs and watched the events unfold, decked out in my LONDON sleepshirt.  I even made chocolate-chip muffins & tea for breakfast.  I may have been sleepy, but I quickly woke up with the excitement of the wedding atmosphere.  (To answer your question, yes, Ben is underway.  We are in the Navy, where else would he be except on a ship?) 

Being married myself, I was able to relate how I felt on my big day, just 2 years ago, to how they were probably feeling.  I remember being extremely nervous to walk down the aisle, but also strangely calm, knowing that soon, finally, I would be Ben's and he would be mine. 

I was excited to see him, and I was excited for him to see me since I had prepared to look my best for him.  I had endlessly prepared for our day for many months prior, so I was ready to enjoy it.  I never realized, until my own wedding, how many little details there are in a wedding and how many decisions (which, in the end, aren't even noticed by most guests) you have to make.  Anytime I attend a wedding (or, in this case, watch a wedding) I, like most others, always think back to my own big day. 

You feel such joy for the couple because you remember how excited you were in your own time.  Needless to say, I enjoyed having the opportunity to celebrate with Will & Kate.  In a way I feel weird commenting on someone else's wedding as if I have a right to.  In this case, however, I loved it completely, so I don't feel too bad about it :)

I would describe my own style as traditional, classic, and low-key; very much the same as Catherine's.  I was thrilled by the loveliness and elegance of the Royal Wedding, but was also quite surprised at how comfortable and relaxed it seemed.  They really seem like they love each other, which gives such a breath of fresh air to the British monarchy.  First let's talk about: the dress.  If you go back to this post (written just a few weeks before my wedding) I mentioned that the wedding of Princess Grace to Prince Rainier III of Monaco had particularly caught my eye.  I loved her dress.  Even now, 55 years after their wedding, her dress is classic and could be elegantly worn by a bride today.  If I had had to have my shoulders covered on my wedding day, I would have chosen a dress like this with lace on the top.  So beautiful, and elegant, and not frilly!!  I was so happy to see how lovely Catherine looked.  Her dress, of course, emulated Princess Grace's, so of course I loved the style.
image courtesy of Google images

Another thing I want to especially remark on:  the maple trees in the Abbey.  I thought it was such a lovely touch and really made the Abbey seem more magical.  What a great idea to have the beauty of the outside transported inside in such a unique way.  Not to mention the added beauty that those same trees will be planted in the garden of Prince Charles' estate in Highgrove, and will grow alongside the couple.
image courtesy of ABC News online

Why, yes, I am a sucker for a man in uniform.

image courtesy of ABC News online

I thought the mother of the bride looked particularly stunning.  
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 Of course Pippa Middleton looked elegant.  I loved her dress, and was not at all put off by the fact that it was white.  I think it was a conscious decision on Kate's part to make sure her younger sister received a bit of the spotlight as well.  They seem to have such a loving and very close relationship, very much like my own with my sister, Katherine.
image courtesy of ABC News online

The couple looked so happy.
image courtesy of ABC News online
 Check out those crowds!  At this point, I'm glad I'm watching the wedding at home, and not stuck in a crowd that large!
image courtesy of ABC News online
 The first public kiss of Prince William & Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge.
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 What an elegant wedding.  I'm so glad I woke up early to watch it, and I'm positive we'll still be talking about it for years to come.  I am so happy for the couple, and I wish them a lifetime of happiness.


Anonymous said...

Wow, you really are a clone of me. Everything you wrote so beautifully expressed my sentiments exactly. I loved the royal wedding - every bit of it from the choir boys singing in church to the wedding gown, to the handsome prince and beautiful bride to all the fashions. It really was the super bowl for women. I even enjoyed those ridiculous hats that Prince Andrew's daughters wore! We have to go back there C!

Louise Purdy said...

Enjoyed reading your blog. I, too, watched the wedding in it's entirety. I loved it. And the Queen was ever the Grandmother.

By the way - congratulations to the NAVY SEALS for ridding the world of one dangerous man!

Adrienne said...

Hey there!! I haven't visited your blog in forever and thought I would stop by! Hope all is well with you!!

I love how your mom called the royal wedding a super bowl for women, so very true!! I LOVED watching their wedding! : )