Tuesday, May 13, 2008

It's Time for an Update!! Geez..

Hello faithful readers. I enjoyed my half-week of free time last week and am now back to working already this summer. Where am I working you may ask? Let's just call it hell, I mean a bank. Sorry, freudian slip. It only helps to think sometimes that I'm just using them for their money (haha). So I have a few things I need to update you on:

On Saturday, mom kk and I went to David's Bridal to try on dresses (well they went to help me out). Sadly I must report that I did not find any there...but I found close to what I was sort of looking for. Maybe that will help. Who knows when we will go next; this summer is going to be so spontaneous it's going to be hard to get any wedding work done. I also tried on one of the most hideous dresses ever created to make a woman look particularly hideous on her wedding day. I actually had to think about including the picture for a while because it was so disgusting but as a disclaimer: my clothes don't normally fit me like this. But I thought it was too funny to pass up, please feel free to laugh. You can even see the look of disgust on my face. Perhaps if I had decided to walk down the aisle in this one, Ben would change his mind. And don't worry Ben, I promise I will not look like this.
So today at work I committed one of the major fashion faux-pas: I wore navy blue shoes with black pants to work!! I don't think anyone noticed--at least I hope not. But if they didn't it was worth it because I looked totally cute, if I do say so myself, in my pink argyle sweater and pearls. They were mom's shoes (because if you have another closet to choose from, your looks are endless!).

Also, Napoleon Dynamite's grandma visited me at the bank today!! She talked with that raspy voice and completely looked the part; I had to restrain myself from laughing and walk to the back when she was talking to her son on the phone.

So that's pretty much it. I'm sure I'll have more updates on the plethora of unusual people I meet at my job.


Anonymous said...

Ok, well if your wedding gown isn't going to look like that, please tell me the bridesmaid dresses will. I love to have my hips and butt look bigger then normal and my boobs look a little on the saggy side... Do I dare ask what the train looked like?

Oh and can I see you soon please?

Caroline said...

haha actually, this is exactly the dress i picked out for you. and i think i'm going to go with a really really pale pink color b/c i think that will look even better. and yes, i would love to get together!

Mom said...

No fair! I was reserving this look for the MOB!

Katherine Klegin said...

Oh how I wish I'd chosen this dress for my wedding. Darn. I missed out. I can't wait to look saggy and fat at your wedding though. I guess it fits since I am the MATRON of honor. :(

Katherine Klegin said...

it's time for another update. geez.