Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New house?!

When I opened my eyes this morning afternoon, I realized that my body felt like it had been hit by a truck.  I knew today was going to be a slow moving day.  Ben and I have been putting in new flooring in almost the entire first floor of our house over the last week.  We just finished the last board last night, still have baseboards and some minor painting to do, but in all the transformation is incredible.  We are only the 2nd owners of our 1984 house--the previous owners lived in it for a while, then rented it out for a few years.  Yes, our house was a rental.  And you could tell when we moved in, too.  But we were attracted to the "bones" of the house.  We knew it would be easy (and time-consuming) to make it our own.    Some discoveries we made this last week:

  • the first floor was re-carpeted at least once: from an ugly yellow color, to a more neutral (and more dirt-filled) beige
  • the kids who lived in this house REALLY liked hiding things behind the built-in bookcase in the living room (and they also REALLY liked pokemon...)
  • the smell is completely gone now that the carpet is gone; it wasn't too offensive--after I sprayed it a few thousand times with Febreze over the last 2 years
  • there was an unbelievable amount of dust and dirt underneath the carpet.  Like sickening.  Like somebody could get sick breathing it in every day (oh that would mean me....)
I am SO excited the carpet is gone from the first floor.  It smells better, it feels cleaner, and It. Looks. Incredible.    Also, our living room was awkwardly positioned due to the large bookcase at one end.  It allowed for no conversation area.  One couch was along one wall (blocking the closet), and the other was 10 feet away on another wall.  Now our couches are next to each other, and bonus: nothing is blocking the closet.  I will add some before/after pictures soon, once we finish up the baseboards and painting touch-ups.

In other news: tonight I am making a real meal.  I am actually sick of Bertolli's.  (I know, I can't believe I am saying it either.)  Bertolli's are AMAZING and so quick.  The last few nights Ben and I have been working for hours on the floors, and we couldn't devote any time to cooking, so in ten minutes we'd have a meal from a frozen bag.  Today, however, I am whipping up this little treat.  (To be followed by this little treat.)  And wow, does it smell good!!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Look at you getting all Suzy Homemaker on us. I can't wait to see the pictures and to see it in person!