Monday, December 22, 2008

Back Home

Hello again, everyone! It's so nice to be back home with my parents for my last Christmas break (sigh). I've really been looking forward to coming home and seeing the decorations my mom would have around the house--and boy, she didn't let me down this year! Every inch is covered in a garland or cute red bows. How beautiful :) Can anyone else believe there are only 3 days left until Christmas??? Yikes! I still have more shopping to do! And yesterday was a madhouse at the mall. Hardly a parking spot anywhere! All these late shoppers...don't they know college kids have priority this time of the year--just getting back from final exams?

Well, I have some exciting news on the wedding front! Mom and I went to DSW yesterday to look for some black flats for me (which we found--totally cute) and I happened to wander over to the wedding shoe section just to see what they had in stock. Low and behold my eyes gazed across to a pair of shoes that looked like they were made for my dress. What are the chances! They aren't flats, so I'll have to try them on next to Ben (and I'll probably have to buy some really cheap flats to dance in) but I am still so excited! I'll keep you updated!

Such a cute play on words--and so appropriate since I played french horn in high school!

For yesterday.

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jlc said...

Yes! Christmas break is THE best time to get hooked on these books. Haha. Maybe we could have a book review post on it. :)

Happy Holidays and glad you're back home. That's cool that you played French horn. Enjoy the break!