Thursday, December 4, 2008

"We ain't fakin', y'all!"

Proof that those of us who have moved away from our native area may speak differently when we go back:

(I got this while doing my project--it's on linguistics--go figure)

"Native speakers of a vernacular dialect who have moved away and now speak more standardly often must attempt a kind of balancing act. They may feel constrained to shift to some degree back to the native dialect when visiting with family back home."

OK so I've never experienced that much of a shift. But it is true that everytime I talk to someone in my family I hear a little bit of twang come back in my voice.


Katherine Klegin said...

i hear a lot of twang come back in mine. and especially when I meet someone for the first time. It's like I have to prove to them that I'm not a yankee.

Well I Do Declare said...

So funny you mention this. I sit next to a guy from NY at work, and when I came back from Thanksgiving he told me that I had a really strong Southern accent. As if it had become stronger while I was at home. Maybe he was onto something...