Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Back to your regularly scheduled program

Here are a few pictures from Ring Dance this weekend.

Me, Ben, Arthur, and Holly.   The theme this year was "Hollywood" so it was perfect for Holly's Junior Year Ring Dance. 

Your two favorite people ;)  (Ben likes to pretend that he's the same height as me b/c he knows it annoys me.)

I just love bumping into Aicel everywhere on campus.

That's pretty much all the photos I took!  Can you believe that??  I have always been an OCD photographer (minus the talent) just because I love having photos.  They're good for record-keeping.  ;) But I guess this semester a lot of things have had to change in my life.  I have been so flipping busy 24/7!!  Maybe that's the reason for the occasional breakdown...hmmm makes sense.  

Well Ben and I went to Michael's Arts and Crafts store in search of vases for the reception.  The plan is that the bridesmaids will just put their bouquets in the vases once they arrive--because 1) that's a huge money saver and 2) the girls won't want to lug them around anyway once they're dancing and 3) the bouquets are going to be gor-geous.  Just imagine a large bunch of  blue hydrangeas with the stems wrapped in ribbons and pearls.  WOW can't wait :)  But anyway here are the lucky vases!  I was originally looking for a more rectangular-shaped kind but these were the perfect size and I think they'll be pretty anyway.  

And here's where I got the idea:

Ben and I have quite a few busy weekends coming up.  I'm gonna list all the Saturdays coming up between now and the wedding.  See if you can believe this:
(4/4)--THIS weekend
(4/11)--we're going to get our marriage license
(4/18)--2 term papers due the next week!!
(4/25)--is my bridal portrait (by my lovely sister, of course!!)
(5/2)--is Holly's 21st birthday
(5/9)--final exams!!
(5/16)--Ben & I graduate and Ben is commissioned the previous day
(5/23)--holy crap it's the WEDDING

NOW you can possibly see why I've been having such major breakdowns lately.  Usually I get really stressed out and get really nervous (not about anything in particular, just shaken up) then Ben calms me down and I'm okay the next day.   You know, just the norm.  Okay now I have to go fold some laundry.


Adrienne said...

I am doing the same thing for my BM's bouquets! I still need to post about the vases....opps.

Geez you have a lot going on, and the wedding will be here before you know it!! YAY!

Hannah Noel said...

I still feel like its so far away until I look at that timeline!!!

You are gorgeous by the way, and totally rocking that dress!!
and I LOVE the idea with the vases-- I might have to steal it!

Anonymous said...

And I thought I was busy... sheesh! Might have to re-think my plan of a wedding before graduation next spring. Please, please, please, let me know what I can do to make it less stressful, except for writing your term paper. You wouldn't want me doing that.

P.s. you put my birthday in your upcoming events :)

LauraAnn said...

We are doing the same thing- using the BM bouquets as decor for the head table.

Oh! I have the EXACT same dress as your friend Aicel. I started laughing when I saw that picture because I knew I had seen that dress somewhere else.......my closet!!!

Good luck with finals and all the other hectic activities going on!

Brittney said...

busy busy :) I am feeling ya!

So, I saw you were getting your marriage license in a few weeks... I know it's probably different in TX but, is that normal to do it that far in advance? Maybe I need to look into that further. I thought I didn't need to until May??

thanks for making me think of that :)

The Mrs. said...

I found your site from another. Good luck getting everything done in the next month, time will FLY by! Your bouquets sound gorgeous and will look lovely in those vases.

And just remember all this stress is good practice for military life!

(army)Wife said...

Your centerpieces are going to look awesome!

Wow! You certainly are busy. But it will help make the time pass so quickly and your wedding day will be here before you know it!!

lolaberly said...

1. fabulous ideas with the bouquets and they sound GORGEOUS. I love hydrangea!

2. You and your dress are FABULOUS!

Amy said...

you look stunning in red. i'm so happy for you and your husband to be. congrats to you both!!