Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Food for Thought

Do you think if I just sit here...my paper will do itself?


lolaberly said...

Ahahah, I have thought that before. Usually about cleaning. Or studying. :)

E said...

Well that would be nice wouldn't it?!

Katherine Klegin said...

yeth. probably.

Nicole said...

Good thought :)

lolaberly said...

Oh, I totally remembered what object I had wished "would do itself" while getting home yesterday from work.

So, I live in the DC metro area. The stop that I get off at is Rosslyn, which has one of the longest, if not THE longest escalator in/out of it. Usually I climb a good portion of it.

Well, as you're exiting the station, there are two smaller flights of stairs. No escalator. After climbing up the huuuuge escalator, I remember looking down at the steps and wishing that they would move me!! Ahahah. I'm such a lazy bum sometimes.

OH! and I looked it up.. from wikipedia -- "[Rosslyn] features the third longest continuous escalator in the world, at 205 feet 8 inches; an escalator ride between the street level and the mezzanine level takes 159 seconds"

Woo! That makes me feel better about being a bum about the non-escalator stairs!

Katherine Klegin said...

Hey I used to work at the Rosslyn station!!