Monday, February 9, 2009

DRAMA on a Monday Night!

Ohhh man was there some drama in the college apartments tonight!

So I went to Ben's apartment after class so we could eat dinner together. We eat, we watch a little TV with his roommates...then we hear someone revving their engine outside. Not like playful revving--like redlining it for at least 60 seconds. And then redlining a few more times, later. Naturally our curiosity leads us all to go on the porch and look outside at what is making this ruckus. A clearly drunken idiot is in his car with a beer in hand revving his engine. He was fighting with his friend-girl who lived next door to Ben (not girlfriend all one word) and clearly he wanted to show his masculinity and anger by revving the engine of his huge truck.

Ben's roommate's (D's) girlfriend (K) then drives up coming back from work (she lives next door). So Ben's roommate (D) jumps over the railing of the porch (don't worry it's a 1st floor apartment) to go walk her and their dog in case I didn't mention...there's a stupid idiot. Drinking. While his car is running. So clearly there's no way he would see the girlfriend and the dog if he happened to back up.

As soon as
D&K come inside and come back out to the porch, the idiot throws the car into reverse and HITS K'S CAR. We all saw him do this. So he starts driving away. D jumps over the porch again and runs after him yelling "HEY YOU HIT MY CAR. COME BACK HERE YOU HIT MY CAR" Luckily, the idiot had enough sense left in him to come back and park the car and eventually step out and look at the damage. All the time proclaiming: "Theresss no way I hit your vann. My truck ain't that high" (Um. Yes it is. And yes you did. You have 6 witnesses.)

So basically after a period of him running down the street and D chasing him (don't forget he was drunk so he couldn't run that fast) he decided to turn back and come back to the apartments (WHAT??? I know. Quite a strange move, even for a drunk person.) Then he gets a dog (not his) out of friend-girl's apartment next door and starts being a little too rough with it. It's a pitbull but it really seemed sweet--didn't bark or anything just seemed a little confused and was very quiet. So anyway it got to the point where I started yelling at him (ME? CONFRONTATIONAL? WHAT???) for being rough with the sweet dog. He was an idiot, and I had Ben by my side, so I wasn't worried about yelling at him. Eventually he came over trying to sweet talk me (drunkly) and telling me I needn't be scared of things because "Thatsss whatsss wrong with thisss world" Ok bud. You're an idiot.

So we call the cops. They come and ask him if he was drinking. He replies "Yess." They ask him if he was driving, he replies "No sssir." (Sorry bud, you lost that forgot you just had 6 witnesses.) Eventually they handcuff him and put him in the car. Then his friends drive up (they had been called to come get him prior to our calling the cops) and we find out the truck WASN'T EVEN HIS. So now let's review his checklist for the night:

1) hit K's car (which she's trying to sell, by the way)

2) with a car that's NOT EVEN his friend (whose car he stole apparently) will have to pay the damages to K's car--& let's not forget drunky was redlining his friend's truck multiple times so that leaves him with more damages to pay

3) all while driving under the influence, causing him to be handcuffed and spend the night in jail.

Think he just ruined his life in one night? Do I feel sorry for him? No. I don't feel even an ounce of pity for calling the cops on him because he chose to get in that car. That was when he wrecked his own life. Who knows? Had he not hit K's car in the parking lot...he could've been driving on the streets and could've killed someone.
Oh by the way. Found out he is in the Marine Corps reserves. NOT ANYMORE!

**Who in the world gets drunk by 6pm on a Monday? Let's all say it together..."Someone had a case of the MAUNDAYS"


Once A Bride said...

wow--sounds like someone had some serious happy hour action.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha So that's why I saw 2 cops leaving the complex last night... I came to drop off some stuff for Ben from Arthur after my run/dinner. If only I had been there a little earlier to catch all the action!!

LauraAnn said...

Oh my gosh!!! That is crazy! Thank goodness your friend wasn't in her car or even worse walking around her car when that drunken lunatic backed into her car!!!! People are idiots!

Katherine Klegin said...

Man you've been a good blogger lately. I've been a terrible blogger. I'll be better.

Have you seen the drunk guy since the little episode?