Monday, February 23, 2009

She's gettin antsy.

Some adjectives to describe my day so far:
-nO gOOd
-vEry baD

I will try to describe some of this later. For now, I have to finish my paper due at 4pm (which counts for 20% of my grade) that had completely slipped my mind until I saw it on the syllabus about 2 hours ago.

*Oh and a message to the Empo workers: STOP FREAKIN TELLING ME NOT TO EAT IN HERE!!!! I seriously just re-lived the Office Space TPS reports scene. "Do you know you're not supposed to eat in here?" "Yeah can you go ahead and throw out your food" "You need to put that up" IM NOT TWELVE PEOPLE. I DONT HAVE TIME TO EAT AND I CAN EAT WITHOUT SPILLING!!!

Sorry to be in such a bad mood. I love you all, I'm just tryin to take this off my shoulders so I can finish my paper.


Katherine Klegin said...

don't fret my pet. you'll do fine!!

LauraAnn said...

I hope that your day gets better! :-)