Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The end of the season

Do you ever resolve not to get stuck on a TV show early on in its premiere--and then by the end wish that you had followed it??

I sure do. I wish I'd been keeping up with The Bachelor. I really got kind of sick of it lately because every show is the same--the guy always asks the girl to marry him--and then a few months later the engagement is off. Everyone just seems fake on those shows because true love (read: Trista and Ryan.

Sigh. Love them. Picked them. It worked.)

would not falter once the cameras are turned off. But now that everyyyone seems to be talking about it--and yes I've read the spoilers--it seems like such an exciting, yet totally mean and undeserving season. If I had an opinion on the girls, which I don't, I would probably be more invested in who he chose.


Anonymous said...

I have been glued to the show, season after season, and every time I think this will be the season like Trista & Ryan... I really counted on Deanna since she "knew what she was looking for"...FAIL.
I seem to forget that not everyone finds their "someone" as easily as we did :)

This time around, regardless of all the break-ups and heartache, I think it will last.
2 weeks until the finale, there is still time to get you hooked, all the old episodes are on still!!! (I hope he picks Molly)

Tracie Martin said...

I've only missed one season so far and that was because I was deployed to Baghdad. Like Holly said, all the shows are free on except when you live overseas...they won't let you! My fix has been buying them off iTunes so I don't miss all the greatness of reality TV!!!!!