Monday, February 2, 2009

Playing catch up

So I went home this weekend for a short visit. It's only been 2 weeks since I've been down here in Blacksburg for school, but it felt like I hadn't been home in a long time. I've been really stressed lately--I don't think I'll ever really get "on track" with both school and the wedding. So the last two weeks have basically felt like I had a huge concrete block on my shoulders. I would come home from class and almost cry because I didn't know what I needed to do--study or plan. So that was why I wasn't writing very much. I didn't really want to be a Debbie Downer. I'm not feeling any better in that aspect (yet), but I did want to get back on here and join the world again.

I finally got to meet my niece this weekend! She's now two weeks old and is truly one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. She'll just look at you while you're holding her in your arms. And she's so tiny!! I suppose she's rather tall for an infant but still so tiny! Her little fingers and little ears were so precious. I just loved the way she'd just stay quiet and grunt every once in a while in a cute little infant way. Tom and Julie are both in love with their little girl. It's been a difficult first two weeks for them, I'm sure, but it's easy to see how much they love her. I most likely won't get to see them for a couple of weeks due to my being at school, so (Tom and Julie) please feel free to keep me updated :)

I also made a trip to the public library while I was home so that I could cheat and check out a few of my "textbooks" instead of buying them (oh the joys of being an English major--please don't kid yourself I have to read 27 books this semester alone. I kid you not. Oh yeah and plan a wedding.) But anyway while I was rushing in to get the 2 books I knew they had, I passed the "New" section with all the library's newest books...and one particular book caught my eye. There was a picture on the front of a Navy man (in uniform of course) kissing his new bride.
The funny thing is the Navy man looks a LOT like my fiance. The title of the book: The Military Wedding. Did I pick the book up? No. I snatched it like I was in a race and took off to find my other books. I couldn't help but smile. These last couple of weeks have introduced all the many things I don't know about the military--so I was really beginning to worry about minute things that you can't find out in a general wedding planning book--like when is the sword arch performed?? Before or after the pictures?? Inside or outside the church?? With all guests present or without?? I found most of my answers in this little book. Believe me, for the next 110 days (or 3 months and 21 days) I am going to study this book like it is goin' out of style. Oh and by the way--the author specifically states that the book was written for civilian brides who are marrying military grooms--and the book was published around the time when I got engaged. Meant to be?? :)

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Hannah Noel said...

Is it really only 3 months and 21 days til we get married?? That doesn't sound like a long time, but if FEELS like eternity!!

I understand how you feel with the whoel brick on the shoulders. Ugh.

But hey-- that's what your maid of honor and mom/sisters are for! Let them know you are stressed out and ask them to help! Give them lots of pictures and whatnot so they really get a picture of what YOU want for the wedding.
My sister and mom have really helped take some pressure off!