Friday, February 6, 2009

Wedding on the Brain!

Hopefully, Ben and I are going to pick out & order our wedding rings tomorrow (exciting!!!) I've kind of had "wedding" on the brain all day. Here is a little preview of my wedding (in 3 months & 17 days)... Are you excited?? Because I am. If you can't tell already.


image from My Photographer!! Ben Rasmussen Photography

Wow. What an incredible picture!
4 images above from Grazier Photography

Want to see a preview of our cake? I got the idea from my photographer's website. This is basically what I chose (except blue ribbons & a blue hydrangea topper....and maybe our monogram on the middle tier).
image from Ben Rasmussen Photography

Here's a little something like my bouquet (mostly hydrangeas but also other white flowers):
image from Google Images

The girls' beautiful bouquets:
image from Google Images

Who ever thought I would choose black bridesmaids' dresses?? Not me. But they just look so classy, don't they? I think the blue flowers will really be set off by them as well!
image from Google Images

I love this picture of the bridal party---minus the L.A.-ness. We'll definitely have to do something like that...
image from Google Images

Seeing as how Katherine will be shooting my bridal portraits in about a month...I've been searching desperately for pictures of hair that I like. I L.O.V.E. these two pictures (that I actually found from The Perfect Pair.) So I think it's safe to say that one of these two babies is going to be my hairstyle of choice.
image from the Knot

image from hair by juliet

Aren't these 3 dresses from David's Bridal just gorgeous? ...And can you tell I love blue? :)
all 3 dresses from David's Bridal

I'm thinking of using sparklers outside of the reception once we leave. I really like the way the pictures turn out at night.

Ahh! I can't wait.


Jenny said...

I love all of the pictures. I will be using mostly green hydrangeas, so your pics will give me some inspiration!

Sarah said...

oh! Everything that you've picked is going to look great!!! So excited for you!!!

Hannah Noel said...

Dang, you just made me really excited about our wedding day!!
I'm doing black dresses too-- I love them!

I thought about sparklers, but turns out our church policy only allows bubbles!
I LOVE your photographer!!

Brittney said...

so glad you were able to use my pictures. I absolutely LOVE the second one :) May 23rd is a popular weekend. It's special for us. Wet met memorial day weekend, were engaged (last year) memorial day weekend, and now we're marrying! Good luck - looks like you have some AMAZING ideas!

jlc said...

That will all look PERFECT!!

So excited for you and the big dayyy!

Anonymous said...

Love the going-away dresses!! All the pictures are wonderful, now I've got wedding on the brain, hardcore.