Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So Ben and I are at our regular hang-out spot (the Empo) and just look at what we have to look at. Please feel free to zoom in to get a better look. (I'm referring to the figure right behind me in the picture.) Ben says he sees this girl everywhere around campus and she ALWAYS wears heels and a tiny tiny skirt. you look in the mirror before you leave your room? Homegirl's short coat is actually longer than her skirt.....


Holly said...

ewwwwww. "Ms. Ham's for calves" needs some serious fashion advice. If you're gonna wear skirt that shows your booty the jacket must be shorter... duh.
Was it amateur night at the empo?

Traci Anne said...


I knew bunches of girls like this at Baylor - too short skirts, too high heels. You're going to freaking CLASS. Throw on some jeans, a sorority shirt and flip-flops like a normal person!