Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Monogrammed stamp!

So I thought of a great idea that would:
1) cut the cost of decorating my wedding
2) personalize my wedding
3) be used for years afterward

After searching online for the best option, I ordered this beauty:
Of course, it will have different wording--and I decided not to put the wedding date on the bottom so I could use the stamp numerous times after the wedding (instead it will just say "Caroline & Benjamin" at the top and "Bond" at the bottom).

I NEVER order things online. Call it a silly superstition, but I just don't like giving my credit card info out too much. But once I thought of the idea I just had to have it so after searching online for the perfect stamp, I fell in love with this one. (I tend to get excited about the smallest things--especially if I found them and if I know they will be incredibly useful. I know I'm a nerd.)

So I figured I could use the stamp
-to print on invitations
-on menus
-on wedding favors
-on envelopes
-to make my own stationary

Oh the possibilities are endless! Now I just have to wait 10 days to receive it...


Katherine Klegin said...

I LOVE monograms. What a cute idea. If this helps with your budget any...I didn't do invitations or wedding favors.

Caroline said...

invitations?? yes you did

Katherine Klegin said...

wow. try menus. i'm retarded today.

Holly said...

My cousin and sister did the monogram thing and it turned out very cute, love your stamp design!!

Who needs to send out invitations to a wedding, I thought you were gonna make a facebook event.

Caroline said...

hahaha holly

Riley (aka Rachel) said...

I thought of getting our monogram made into a stamp to use like that... but just never got around to it. Hmmm.... maybe I still have time??? (Yet another thing to add to the list!)

I really like that idea, I think it'll be really helpful and easy. Plus, you can change up the ink colors or using embossing powder to make each thing look a little different.