Thursday, October 30, 2008

Interesting Afternoon

"What are you gonna do today, Caroline?"

"Whatever I feel like....GOSH"

(Napoleon Dynamite reference)

....and today I feel like locking myself out of my house. I've lived in this beautiful townhouse for a little over a year now and I am proud to say not once have I ever left the house without my keys in hand....until today. After classes and lunch with my friend Cara, I left campus riding the good 'ole Blacksburg Transit. Then I got off at the bus stop and started walking towards my house. I started searching inside my bookbag for my keys once I came up to the door when....oh no....I left them inside on my desk that morning! I panicked for a minute--rang the doorbell---texted my roommates to see if and when they would be home. Just so happens that today, of all days, none of the 3 would return until at least an hour and a half later. So now what? I go back to campus.....sit outside....start reading the Collegiate Times that I have in my, I searched for an open window. First window I tried was the laundry room--nope that's locked. Then I went around to the back and low and behold--a miracle has happened. Only 1 of the 3 kitchen windows was unlocked but it was a chance. The window is almost 5 feet up so I really had to kick my legs up high to get in but luckily I have spaghetti legs. The window opened after a little forcing, I kicked my legs up, put them both inside the window, held onto the windowsill and started sliding through onto the kitchen counter feet-first. That was actually pretty fun. I then proceeded to reward myself with a little piece of cake.

See the open counter space under the window on the left? Yeah, that's where it all went down.


Katherine Klegin said...

hahahah you are hilarious.

ps. i so would've paid to see that.

mom said...

Ok so now both of you have made me nervous with your breaking and entering stories. Enough already

Well I Do Declare said...

Good work!!! Wish I could have witnessed it!

HokiePrep said...

Haha I got your text and started laughing... and I am still very impressed you managed to get through there and not land in the sink! :)

Holly said...

ahahahahaha oh Caroline. =) Thank you for that, it made my day!

You would enjoy this:
Last Thursday when I was on the good 'ole BT, I missed my bus stop... thought no big deal and decided to walk back home. Meanwhile it was nearly 8PM and quite dark. Once I got across Main street, what did I do? Fell right into a ditch, as I braced myself for the fall, with keys in hand I chucked them into said ditch... I didn't have to crawl through a window to get in to my house, but I did have to search through leaves and muck to find them. Which I never did... Arthur however is a great seeker, and found them while I was in class the next day. That's why I love him.

Caroline said...

what a sweetheart :)

and that is a really funny story!! i can't believe that happened.