Thursday, October 30, 2008

I haven't posted since Sunday....LAME

My 22nd birthday was on Tuesday. I had a pretty normal day--it's true that once "21" is over the rest of the birthdays are just turning another year older. I found that out this year. I wasn't bored or anything, actually I was pretty content with the small celebration I had. Ben took me out to The Farmhouse on Tuesday night--it's a nice restaurant just outside of Blacksburg. We had a good time; he's such a sweetheart.

My friend Lauren came over yesterday to bring me the cake she made for me... I couldn't believe she made me a cake but it's so cute (and so good too!!) She set the actual cake on top of Reese's candies (which happen to be my favorite candy) which I thought was very creative. Here's a quick picture I took of the cake (and she set it all in an enlarged martini glass--verryy cute)!
I should've taken the tinfoil off, but I think you get the gist.

And more good news--my friend Hannah is traveling up for the weekend!! (she now goes to school at UNC) I'm excited to watch The Office with her was kind of our tradition before the show became really popular (yeah--we were trendsetters).

So my week did seem pretty boring to me but after typing all of that, it seems that it was actually pretty eventful. Hope you've all been having a good week!


Well I Do Declare said...

Happy Belated Birthday! That cake looks great... Reeses are also my fav!

Holly said...

Glad you have a great birthday week!!