Thursday, October 23, 2008

Numbers complete me

So I got my GRE practice test scores back today...
I predicted quite accurately how I thought I did right after the test. Verbal: pretty darn good. Quantitative: YOU ARE A JOKE YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING

Haha that's not actually what it said, but it would be funny if it did. Honestly, I scored in the 9th percentile for the quantitative section... NINTH (ouch). I definitely did SO much better than that in high school on the SAT's--I will just have to study a lot more for this section and luckily that was not the real test.

Before you laugh at me, check out just 2 of the problems I got wrong. (And don't worry, it's OK for me to put these up here b/c it's a published practice test and they gave me the booklet to study from.)

Now you tell me the answer--I'll tell you if it's right and if you're a smarty-pants I'll give you an honorable mention on the next blog!

**Oh yeah--and no calculators on the test.


mom said...

Ok put away your calculators - here's the answer -

#18 - the fourth answer (the relationship cannot be determined from the information given

#23 - the third answer down (looks like 2 divided by 6

Traci Anne said...

I JUST got my GRE prep book today - the verbal looks fine (I got a 7/10 on my first quiz, but went back and knew exactly where I went wrong), but math? Wow. I'm hoping I can bs my way through the essay portion enough to get a good score :-D

(I mean, COME ON. I've decided to get my master's in library science, isn't verbal more important than math? That's what I keep telling myself.)